• Stephens County jail workers. (Photo by Deonna Alford/Breckenridge American)

Stephens County Jail is now State compliant

Beginning in March, 2016, the Stephens County Jail was found to be non-compliant with the minimum state standards. The issues at that time were reported to the then Sheriff, George Wade, and Commissioners’ Court.

The second inspection, that took place in July, 2016 as a response to the non-compliance, again the jail failed to meet state minimum standards. The Sheriff and Commissioner’s Court were advised that even though there were efforts being made towards correcting the problems, there were still issues hindering the approval to be found compliant.

Things such as welfare checks not ran in timely manners, and kitchen staff was not properly supervised.

In August, 2016, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards received an update from Executive Director Wood and Inspector Jackie Semmler advising that the Stephens County Jail was found non-complaint.

It was found that the appropriate corrective measures had not been taken to fix the deficiencies of minimum jail standards. The Commission voted to issue a Remedial Order to Vacate the jail if it were to fail a special inspection.

Breckenridge’s new Sheriff Will Holt, explained that Major James Barrera and the staff of Stephens County Jail have worked vigilantly to ensure that all of the issues have been corrected.

On January 19,2017, Inspector Semmler conducted an unannounced re-inspection of the jail. At that time, it was found that Stephens County Jail had corrected all of their deficiencies. A certificate of compliance was issued.

On February 2, 2017, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards reviewed the status of compliance and at that time voted to rescind the Remedial Order issued in August. 

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