• Ray Bandy, store director of the United Supermarket in Breckenridge cuts the ribbon along with Mark Yowell (left), regional vice president of United Supermarkets, during a ribbon cutting ceremony at the store on Wednesday. Several United Supermarket’s executives, including President Robert Taylor were on hand for the ceremony. United also donated $1,000 to the Salvation Army of Breckenridge. so far on the new store. (Photo by Brant Thurmond/Breckenridge American)

United Execs on hand for ribbon cutting

United Supermarkets President Robert Taylor was on hand Wednesday for the ribbon cutting of their new store in Breckenridge.

Taylor said this was his first trip back to Breckenridge since he was here just after the store was first converted to a United Supermarket back in May.  

“I’m really proud of what our team did,” he said about the job his employees did converting the store to a United Supermarket and getting it up and running. “And we’re proud to be in Breckenridge.”

He said they are still tweaking the store and will be making other changes as they go along. He said with a store the size of the one in Breckenridge, they can’t put everything in the store so they have to make some guesses on what the community wants and needs.   

“Sometimes we get it wrong,” he said. “So I would encourage the citizens to be vocal with Ray about things,  maybe an item that they would like to see. And we’ll tweak it over time and get it right. And we got a few other things we’ll do here, and then will grow with the community.”

Breckenridge native and Store Director Ray Bandy said he’s had a great response from the community so far on the new store.

He said a lot of people from Breckenridge were going to United in Graham to shop for food and once they found out there is now a United in Breckenridge, their business has really taken off.

“The people like the variety of products that we carry now and their impressed with our bakery deli operation and our meats. The produce has been a great department for us,” Bandy said.

He said all their employees at the store are from Breckenridge except one and that United plans to playing a big role in the community.

“We’ll be wearing green,” he said. “When it comes to football season, I’m sure United will do something for the Bucks.”

During the ceremony, United also made a $1,000 donation to the Salvation Army of Breckenridge.

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