• Dr. Kelli Knight-Windsor (center) poses for a photo with  her husband Chris and sons Cason and Caleb.

Breckenridge native takes residency at SMH

Breckenridge-native Kelli Knight-Windsor will begin her practice in medicine starting in October in the Breckenridge Medical Center.

Stephens Memorial Hospital CEO Matt Kempton, along with the other board of directors, believe Windsor’s services will bring better medical service to the community.

“Kelli is going to be coming in for orientation and observing the clinic before she starts. I’ve already started filling her schedule and people have already began requesting her so I’m excited about that,” said Kempton.

Soon after graduating from Breckenridge High School, Knight-Windsor continued her education at Abilene Christian University. In 2010, she earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. She then decided to pursue a doctorate degree in Osteopathy from the University of North Texas in 2014. After attending the Family Practice Residency Program in Tulsa, Okla., she became a board-certified family practice doctor.

“After growing up here, I saw a need for doctors in this area,” Knight-Windsor said. “I really see a lot of good momentum happening at the hospital and clinic here in Breckenridge and wanted to see if I could continue that momentum.”

According to Kempton, it was a big win to have Windsor on their healthcare team, as she had considered multiple other practice locations.

Knight-Windsor’s history with Breckenridge seemed to be the biggest factor in choosing a location to serve.

“I considered going to surrounding towns, but I still have a lot of friends and connections here, as well as family,” said Windsor.

Chris Curtis, SMH practice administrator and human resources director, believes the immense effort in retaining Knight-Windsor was well worth it when he considers the health needs of Breckenridge.

“We are very fortunate to have Kelli in our community,” Curtis said. “Access to great healthcare is something small communities struggle with. Having her here will help to make sure everyone has access to a physician when the need arises. Breckenridge has some wonderful providers and Kelli will be a great addition to that team.”

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