SHAC prepares Thanksgiving, Christmas giving

The Breckenridge ISD Health Advisory Council (SHAC) met to review projects completed and plans slated for the holidays to meet the needs of the backpack kids they serve every Friday at each of the BISD schools.

The group is a community-directed organization that includes parents from the community and a few professionals from BISD. The SHAC mission is to ensure children in BISD will have healthy bodies and minds through projects directed by the community.

“We have a list of things needed for Christmas that include small fleece blankets, stocking caps and warm gloves, candy and cash donations to purchase a few items for the Backpack kids at Christmas,” said Mark Nelson, the BISD director of food Services.

 Nelson can be contacted at 254-522-9600 Ext. 6007. 

Molly Johnson said, she has about 20 pairs of gloves stashed in her office so far.

Resource Care has already furnished toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss for 87 kids within BISD that qualify for the Backpack program.

Unknown to many in Stephens County, a group of volunteers meet every Thursday at 8:05 a.m., at the BISD Bus Barn and assemble food packages for 87 kids in the school district that goes home in their backpacks each Friday. The food is furnished by the Mobile Food Bank of Abilene and is delivered the third Tuesday of each month at the First United Methodist Church.

Breckenridge has 64 to 74 percent economically disadvantaged students in the school district that qualify for free or reduced lunches and many live at or below the poverty line. Additionally, 87 kids qualify for the Backpack program that furnishes food and fruit drinks over the weekend. There are 29 students at East Elementary, 22 at North, 19 at South, eight at BJHS and nine at BHS. Some of the older students pick their food up at the Open Door. 

“Privacy is a major consideration,” Kim Fuller said. “I only get numbers, no names, to protect the child’s privacy. Only the counselor at each school knows who is to get the extra food.”  

A few more volunteers are need to help with this project each Thursday morning. A background check is required to participate. Apply to Molly Johnson, Director of Curriculum in BISD, located at the Main Office.

The rest of the schools in Region 14 look at the activities hosted by SHAC at Breckenridge ISD and try to emulate their example.

The SHAC members then looked at the Fill-the-Bus event that provided a 150 kids with backpacks and school supplies as reported by Bacel Cantrell, president of SHAC. 

“I’m always looking for a good sale on backpacks and have 75 stashed at the BPD offices,” said Cantrell. 

The other event hosted by SHAC was the Buckaroo Bash, held before school commenced. There were 15 booths and among those provided free haircuts, dental checkups, hearing checks and sign up for free or reduced lunches and sign up for Little Bucks football. 

In February, Tamara Russell, BISD P.E. Teacher will organize the Healthy Heart activity through a Jump-A-Thon event hosted by SHAC. “Russell has this event very organized each year and the kids really enjoy that activity,” said Nelson.

The BISD SHAC organization also sponsors a speaker each year that addresses important problems that our kids face. Among those events so far was one on Bulling, Cyber Bullying and Self-Harm. Suggestions included anger management or eating nutritiously. Members will decide in the November meeting what program they will provide.

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