Donuts and cool dudes set for Wednesday

The North Elementary PTO Team offers free events to our students and parents occasionally.  

Last year, parents were so generous and wonderful supporting our fundraisers that the PTO wanted to show its appreciation in some way.  

Two events,  both opportunities for parents, mentors, caregivers, grandparents and just a loved one to come to North Elementary and take 10-15 minutes of downtime to sit and eat a snack or treat with their student and just bond with them.  

The PTO understands that not every adult in a child’s life has the time or opportunity to volunteer or sit with their students during the day or to help at school or PTO events. It feel it’s important to provide opportunities to those parents to come out and interact with their student in the school environment in some way.  Therefore, Wednesday, Dec. 6 from 7:15 to 8 a.m. the North PTO Team will provide free donuts and juice to all the “Cool Dudes” that can swing by and eat, visit and help start out the day on a positive note for their favorite North Student.  

Chamber director Rhonda Crawford talked Sweet Accessories into getting up early to make her coveted fresh donuts for our event.    

There will also be a  book fair going on in the library all next week for those that want to make their way over to buy a book or two.  

No pressure though, the PTO’s main goal is to provide a bit of bonding time between our students and their Dudes.  Again, PTO appreciates its parents and we want them to know that we don’t always expect them to give to us. This is our chance to give back to them.         

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