BHS Cross Country teams compete at Hico

Lady Bucks place fourth, Bucks place fifth

The Breckenridge High School cross teams competed at the Bluebonnett Invitational Wednesday in Hico.

The Lady Bucks placed fourth overall with 131 points, while the Buckaroos finished in fifth place.

Hamilton won the girl’s division, while Glen Rose and Stephenville rounded out the top finishers ahead of Breckenridge.

Keene placed first in the boy’s division. Stephenville, DeLeon finished in third place and Covington finished in fourth place.

Head cross country coach Kim Dieterich said the team has been working on running closer together and she was proud of their effort in this area.

“We have been really been working hard on getting the gaps out and at Hico we still maybe had one (gap), but as a whole, we ran closer as a team,” Dieterich said. “This allows us to place higher in a meet and they are improving on that. The kids are improving on that and they did a lot better job on it at Hico.”

Competing against bigger schools has become the norm for the cross country teams and Dieterich said that will help the team improve before they reach the district meet.

“We are kind of used to that. They used to split it up a lot more,” Dieterich said. “We have always ran against the bigger schools at Hico. It’s a hard course and know it’s going to be a hard meet going in. We want to place high, but we put more focus on how they run and what we did compared to the bigger schools. “The girls got fourth at Hico, but one of the teams that beat us was Stephenville. I like for our kids to run against some tougher competition. We may not always place high, but we get better. I like for some of the front runner kids that aren’t pushed as much in practice to go against someone that is from a bigger school. It helps our whole team.”

Dieterich said the Buckaroo cross country team has been battling illnesses and didn’t finish as high.

“The boys have been struggling a little bit because of some sickness,” Dieterich said. “We still have one of our top two runners that isn’t full speed. The boys ran closer together except for one gap, than what the girls did. I thought both teams did a better job of that. We have been pushing that pretty hard. But it will help us for district too.”

The following are the results for the meet.

Varsity Girls Team Standings
(Top 10)
1. Hamilton, 42; 2. Glen Rose, 69; 3. Stephenville, 95; 4. Breckenridge, 131; 5. De Leon, 176; 6. Rapoport Academy, 177; 7. Eastland, 200; 8. Keene, 217; 9. Meridian, 256; 10. Blum, 274

Individual Results
5. Mawnika Wright, 13:34; 27. Kaitlyn Bode, 14:31.1; 31. Aaliyah Lawson, 14:45.6; 43. Hailey Robertson, 15:05.1; 45. Samantha Palacios, 15:05.6; 47. Mariah Baladez, 15:06.5; 54. Tori Karl, 15:15.4; 68. Anna Reaugh, 15:43.3; 73. Keyana Mendez, 15:51.5

Varsity Boys Team Standings
(Top 10)
1. Keene, 36; 2. Stephenville, 51; 3. De Leon, 127; 4. Covington, 161; 5. Breckenridge, 177; 6. Tolar, 191; 7. Axtell, 192; 8. Blum, 223; 9.Godley, 247; 10. Meridian, 268

Individual Results
20. Adamn Hunt, 20:47.9; 33. Moises Ruiz, 21:21.3; 41. Lane McNett, 21:56.5; 53. Christian Duron, 22:44.7; 59. Ricky Reyes, 23:13.9; 66. Anthony Pichler, 23:43.6; 67. Luis Medina, 24:05.3; 83. Laston Roberts, 25:39.7; 85. Saul Gonzales, 26:03.1

JV Girls
Team Standings
1. Stephenville, 54; 2. Hamilton, 79; 3. Breckenridge, 90; 4. Keene, 114; 5. Cranfills Gap, 130; 6. Hico, 135; 7. Glen Rose, 136; 8. Eastland, 176; 9. Aquilla, 246

Individual Results
7. Yvette Galan, 16:13.4; 13. Kayla Duran, 16:28.0; 24. Cecilia Hernandez, 16:54.0; 31. Chelly Alvarado, 17:50.2; 32. Hailey Robertson, 18:04.1; 35. Yessica SanLucas, 18:12.0; 72. Maggie Bates, 23:37.0

JV Boys
Team Standings
1. Keene, 20; 2. Stephenville, 53; 3. Tolar, 82; 4. Breckenridge, 105; 5. Rapoport Academy, 131; 6. Covington, 136

Individual Results
24. Gilberto Carillo, 25:15.4; 25. Steve Pasillas, 25:16.2; 30. Zeke Hernandez, 26:22.1; 34. Isaac Hernandez, 27:15.1; 38. Auston Roberts, 27:46.0

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