BJHS Bronco CC add another plaque to arsenal

Place first at Albany Meet

The Breckenridge Junior High cross country teams competed at Albany Wednesday.
The Broncos continued their dominance as both the seventh and eighth grade competed in a combined division and placed first overall.
The girl’s division was split up into age categories (13 and under and 14-year olds), rather than grade, and no team standings were recorded. Times were also not included with the results.
Sam Smally was the top finisher in the 13 and under category for the Lady Broncos with a second place finish, while Riegen Robertson and Yareli Munoz finished in the top 10 in the 14-year old division with third and seventh place finishes.
Other individual results are as follows.
13 and under
13. Lilly Woodward; 20. Tori Rose; 27. Elena Arellano; 29. Diana Mendoza; 30. Dylan Maynard; 31. Emma Helms; 32. Laney Thibodeaux

14-year old division
12. Nayeli Hernandez; 20. Kylee Willis; 22. Lizbeth Escobedo; 26. Lesslie Fraley; 27. Ashley Reyes

Boys TeamStandings
1. Breckenridge, 26; 2. Winters, 55; 3. May, 68; 4. Clyde, 80

Individual Results
2. Evan Moore; 3. Izrael Beltran; 5. Chandler Blevins; 7. Jayton Hash; 9. Joaquin Hernandez; 10. Damian Mendez; 17. Alias Maya; 18. Ivan Medina; 20. Joey Hinton; 26. Keaton Blevins
The BJHS cross country teams will compete at district Wednesday, Oct. 19.

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