• A Breckenridge Junior High School running back rushes for a big gain during last Thursday's season finale.

BJHS football wraps up seasons with losses

The junior high school football season came to an end last Thursday with each Breckenridge team falling to Brock.

The combo team came closest to victory Thursday after falling just a few yards shy of having an opportunity to tie the game on a 2-point conversion after going down 8 points before halftime.

Quarterback Allan McDaniel found receiver Christan Goswick for a 25-yard gain and found him again with precious seconds ticking away, but Goswick could not reach the end zone in time, resulting in a 14-6 loss. 

“A couple of teams played really well,” BJHS assistant coach Jonathan Garcia said. “They all improved throughout the year and we are greatly impressed with their improvement.”

Although the score was separated by a much larger margin, the seventh-grade A team seemed to have more offensive success.

The Broncos got on the board following a 20-yard run by Anson Rodgers. Rodgers found the end zone again, but it was not enough to keep up with Brock’s tough running game. The Broncos ended their season with a 54-14 loss.

The eighth-grade team fell 34-0, but Garcia said they have nothing to hang their heads for and he looks forward to see how they progress before entering high school.

“We have 50 in eighth -grad athletics right now so that is going to help us right now not only in football, but high school athletics as a whole,” Garcia said. “They kept their love of the game of football and their skills and knowledge increased. The fight was there and that will be great when comes to high school. 

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