• Senior Quinton Ellis fires home a pitch during a district contest. Ellis was named the District 8-3A Defensive MVP. He had 83 strikeouts in the 2016 season, with 47 of those coming in district play. (Photo by Brant Thurmond/Breckenridge American)

Buckaroos receive District 8-3A honors

After making a successful run throughout the course of the District 8-3A portion of their schedule, several Breckenridge Buckaroo baseball players received all-district honors.
This year the Buckaroos finished the season with a 13-10-1 record and advanced to the Area round of the Class 3A playoffs.

The Bucks were the fourth place team in District 8-3A, but that did not take away from head coach Pat Yarbrough being proud of what was accomplished this year and what the future holds for the baseball program.

“I was real excited about this year’s team because I knew we had a playoff team,” Yarbrough said. “I told them early on ‘we are a playoff caliber team. We got to go out and prove it.”
“I felt like we won several games in a row in non-district and come district time, we really just continued that along,” he said. “I know obviously everyone steps their game up in district.

Yarbrough said that the fourth place finish in district did not take away from the competitiveness of the teams.
“We didn’t finish as high as we would have liked to have, but it was a tough district. Everybody was knocking each other off or playing really close,” Yarbrough said. “I was happy with the season. I was happy with the fact that we got in and won a series  by beating a district champion (Comanche).”
“It makes you legitimate when you can get in and win a series,” Yarbrough said. “I think the kids played hard throughout the season and game in and game out found a way to win.”

Among those receiving honors was senior Quinton Ellis, who was named the District 8-3A Defensive MVP.
 “When I got to looking at some of the superlatives, defensive MVP jumped out at me for Quinton because of his arm strength and competitiveness,” Yarbrough said. “I can’t recall the exact number of strikeouts, but I am thinking it was around 70.

“When he tasted a win, he was hard to deal with,” Yarbrough said. “In our game against Eastland, at Eastland, there was no way you would’ve gotten him off of the hill.  Also, with his center field play, I didn’t think there was anyone more deserving than him.”

Senior Ethan Wimberly  received First-Team All-District honors in the outfield.
“Ethan played solid throughout the whole season for us. He made some good plays for us throughout district,” Yarbrough said. “He had a really good series with Comanche. He really helped us solidify that win by throwing a kid out at home. He also had a home run in that game. He was a solid spot for us out there in right field.”

Senior Jared McLane was selected as First-Team All-District catcher.
“I think this was Jared’s second year to be on the first team at catcher,” Yarbrough said. “He was well deserving of that.”
“Jared was kind of the coach on the field for us,” Yarbrough said. “What I have always loved about Jared, from the time I met him and throughout, was that he was vocal. He was always telling the defense the situations. There would be times where I would recognize the situation and get ready to make the call and he was already ahead of me and letting the defense know. Behind the plate, he was deserving as anybody in our district.”

Sophomores Fidel Ortiz and Marcos Gonzales were selected to the Second Team All-District team at infield.
Fidel and Marcos played well together this year on the left side of the infield,” Yarbrough said. “They had a few errors, but who didn’t. Down the stretch, they were solid and I’m really looking forward to having both of those guys back next year.”

Junior Hunter Petty was selected to the Second-Team All-District at First Base.
“Hunter has done a tremendous job for us and really came on this year. He is bigger and stronger,” Yarbrough said. “He pitched well for us and deserved to have more wins than he did.
“As first baseman, he was probably as good as anybody and his hitting really came along this year,” Yarbrough said. “I think people began to really respect him with him batting in the two hole.”

Sophomore Riley Durham received Second-Team All-District honors at outfield.
“Riley gets a good jump on the ball,” Yarbrough said. “Not a lot of players know how to do that well and he is the exception. In that first instance, he knows whether to drop or come up on it. With his athleticism and background, he will be a kid to keep your eyes on. He has played a lot of ball.”

Sophomores Zach Willis and Taylor Stanley and junior Tanner Garland received Honorable Mention All-District honors.
“All three of these guys played really well throughout the year and in district,” Yarbrough said. “I can remember times that each one of them did things that won us ball games or kept us in the game. All three of these guys will be coming back next year.”

Yarbrough said he was pleased with the progress made throughout the season and is looking forward to next season.

“We took another step this year. I am already fired up about next year. I have already begun to pencil kids in knowing its going to be a different district,” Yarbrough said. “I think it will ultimately be a little tougher district. I think the strides have been made the last three years by getting in the playoffs, winning a series and going a little bit deeper. That needs to be the norm that we are going to get in and make a run and I think we can.”

One of the biggest positives for the Bucks this year was being able to field a junior varsity team the entire season. 

“It’s always good to have a JV team and get to play a full schedule. Its just a reps deal. They got all the practice and games in and ultimately that is just going to make us stronger for the future,” Yarbrough said. “Whether those kids remain on the JV team or get moved up, which a few will, but that really helps. That type of experience is irreplaceable. Our district was pretty tough in JV ball too.”

Other all-district selections from around the district include:
MVP — Tanner Riley, Clyde; Offensive Player of the Year — John Park, Clyde; Defensive Player of the Year — Quinton Ellis, Breckenridge; Pitcher of the Year — Jeremy Yarbrough, Dublin; Catcher of the Year — Dante Gomez, Clyde; Newcomer of the Year — Payton Laughlin, Clyde

Jeramy Dodson, Cisco; Zain Wright, Cisco; Seth Allen, Cisco; Bryson Fowler, Dublin; J.C. Laredo, Dublin; Tim Teten, Dublin; Justin Ricks, Dublin; Morgan Johnson, Dublin; Josh Gosnell, Eastland; Chris Martinez, Eastland; Clay Carper, Eastland; Jacob Davis, Eastland; Brandon Berry, Clyde; Payton Lopez, Clyde; Tanner Broadfoot, Clyde; Bronc Thornton, Clyde; Ethan Wimberly, Breckenridge; Jared McLane, Breckenridge

Cord Lewis, Cisco; Carson Teaff, Cisco; Taylor Massey, Cisco; Kase Gayle, Cisco; Dustin Ferguson, Cisco; Josh Hanes, Dublin; Heston Henning, Dublin; Tony Sellers, Eastland; Juan Ojeda, Eastland; Dylan Cox, Kaden Clark, Clyde; Fidel Ortiz, Breckenridge; Marcos Gonzales, Breckenridge; Hunter Petty, Breckenridge; Riley Durham, Breckenridge


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