• Shown here is new K-Lakes sports director "Dee" Wright.

Wright named K-Lakes sports director

K-Lakes 93.5 has a new sports director, Demetrius “Dee” Wright, who will do play-by-play for the Breckenridge High School football team among many other sports-related duties.

Wright comes to Breckenridge following a lengthy career in Oklahoma City, Okla., where he worked in radio and television.

“After I got out of the Oklahoma National Guard, I thought about what I like to do and what I’m good at,” Wright said.  “I thought of three things, which are sitting down, talking to people and watching sports. I figured if I’m good at those three things, then sports media was the perfect job.”

Wright began his sports journalism career as a freelance play-by-play announcer, covering high school athletics. He would later parlay his skills into a position as a television writer for a local station and eventually worked his way up to overnight assignment editor. Although taking his first job away from his native Oklahoma City, Wright said he feels right at home in Breckenridge.

“Everybody is nice and everywhere I go people are filled with smiles asking ‘How are you doing? What can I do to help?’” Wright said. “It’s been really nice. It’s nice to be here.”

After years of working in both television and radio, often simultaneously, Wright said he looks forward to concentrating on one town, one team and getting to individually build relationships BHS football players.

“It’s going to be easier, confined so I can specialize,” Wright said. “Play-by-play is what I do best and am most comfortable with so it’s going to be a load off ... It’s going to be more personal.” 

Wright said his greatest asset to K-Lakes is his ability to relay  complex scenarios into easily relatable language that satisfies expert listeners while also making it understandable for novices.

“My strength is relating to a novice,” Wright said. “Someone who knows nothing about football. I can explain it to where they feel that they’re there. A novice will keep up just as well as a seasoned listener. They will be entertained.”

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