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City manager eyes economic fallout

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Breckenridge is in the process of selecting a new city manager.

With the upcoming retirement of City Manager Andy McCuistion and the economic impact of COVID-19, the position may be a top priority for the community.

“The county, hospital, and schools will lose revenue as we will be in a crisis,” McCuistion said. “It will have a financial impact on us so we’re trying to prepare staff to assist with the economic fallout.”

The new city manager may need to act fast to combat the economic effect on the city due to the COVID-19 virus.

“We’re looking for a generalist,” McCuistion said. “We need revenue, so we need someone strong on the financial side of things. We’ll need a city manager who can deal with the upcoming situations and find solutions to our problems.”

During the Tuesday, Feb. 4 meeting, a committee was selected to assist McCuistion with selecting a replacement for the position.

The committee consists of former mayor Jimmy McKay, Sherry Strickland, current mayor Bob Sims, County Commissioner Tom Cyprian and Andy McCuistion.

The unforeseen fallout of COVID-19 may cause harm to various cities around the county including rural communities.

McCuistion is planning on retiring Thursday, April 30.

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