Stephens County Sheriff removes his name from ballot

Just weeks after announcing his re-election campaign, Stephens County Sheriff Will Holt has removed himself from the Republican primary ballot, according to a press release.

Sheriff Holt stated in his announcement that this decision to not run for Sheriff again came after “an enormous amount of prayer, reasoning, and wrestling with myself and God over the last year and more.” He pointed out that when he will continue to serve out his full-term, but believes there is a better candidate for Sheriff.

Holt said, “I have had a love/hate relationship with the position of sheriff for a couple of years now.  While I had some major reservations on running again, I was not going to give up the office and risk someone taking over who was not in it for the right reasons.  What I failed to do was to properly communicate with my right-hand man at the S.O., Chief Deputy Kevin Roach, about what his long-term plans and desires were.” Holt stated that he should have talked to Chief Deputy Roach months ago and that his lack of communication is on of his short-comings as Sheriff.

For the full story please see the Dec. 11 edition of the Breckenridge American.

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