BISD creates committee to address dress code

The Breckenridge Independent School District Board of Directors President Jeff Dooley appointed a board sub-committee to review and make changes to current student dress code policies.

BISD Superintendent Tim Seymore, said the parent’s request for the board to consider an issue with the dress code prompted this discussion at the board’s meeting last month.

“We had an issue come up a few weeks ago that prompted a lot of discussion among a couple of the administrators, and Jeff and I, and Jeff suggested that we get together a little sub-committee” Seymore said. “[…] Instead of hashing through all the stuff in the board meeting, we can get a smaller group of the board to meet with the administrators and kind of flesh out some things we think may need to be changed in the dress code,” Seymore said.

Paige Townson, Pat Escalon and Russell Creager make up the sub-committee, as appointed by Dooley.

“I do not anticipate any big changes. My assumption is the committee will suggest modest changes if they feel they are warranted. I do not believe they are looking to re-write the dress code. […] The campus principals may seek input from student groups as they see fit,” Seymore said.

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