Ezell continues recovery after July plane crash

Chad and Anna Ezell, son and daughter of Ezell Aviation Founder Nelson Ezell continue running their father’s business while he continues to recover from a plane crash in July.

Nelson Ezell’s prominence in Breckenridge had never been higher after re-launching the once famed Breckenridge Air Show, along with efforts from the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce, which added to the shock when his World War II-era CSEA Seafury British Hawker crashed on private property near Hwy. 183 before reaching the Ezell Aviation runway.

While speaking with the Breckenridge American, Chad Ezell thanked the staff of Ezell Aviation for stepping up in Nelson Ezell’s absence and doing whatever is asked of them.

“Their commitment to whatever was needed has been so appreciated by the Ezell family,” Chad Ezell said.

While piloting the experimental World War II-era airplane in July, an engine malfunction downed the Warbird and resulted in injuries to Ezell and his passenger Dustin Mayfield. Mayfield walked away with a broken arm, but Ezell’s injuries were significant. He remained in ICU Trauma Unit at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth for 10 days, where the doctors operated on his severely injured arm, when he was stable enough to manage it. 

Ezell was later moved to another trauma recovery site, where he has remained the past nine weeks. At this point, the Ezell family anticipates Nelson being moved to another recovery hospital that is more equipped to handle the next stage of his recovery now that he is breathing on his own and his severely bruised lungs have had a chance to heal.

The Ezell family is so thankful and appreciative of all the prayers on their behalf and expressed the need for those thoughts and prayers to continue while Nelson continues his long recovery and meets each new challenge in that recovery. Chad and Anna expressed their deep appreciation for the community of Breckenridge and that they are part of such a caring community. 

Ezell is still not ready for visitors, but both Nelson and his wife Helen “Dude” Ezell appreciate the concern that has been conveyed to them through their children, other family members and close friends.

“They have all felt the concern and thoughtful prayers that have been lifted on behalf of their parents as Nelson continues to meet the new challenges in his recovery,” Chad Ezell said.

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