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FCC to expand broadband access to more than 100 rural Texas counties

Almost 34,000 Texas homes are going to be receiving internet access as part of the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband expansion plan, according to a release from the FCC. This expansion will bring broadband to almost 100 counties across the state and more than 200 homes across the Stephens, Throckmorton, Palo Pinto and Shackelford County area.

The measure, passed on Monday, July 15, is part of a broader plan that will see nearly $1.5 billion allocated to expand broadband and internet access to more than 700,000 rural residents across the country, the release states. This move is part of the third wave of the FCC’s Connect America Fund Phase II Auction, which had its first two waves in May and June of this year, respectively.

Providers in this wave will begin receiving funding this month. Despite the plan being rolled out over the next decade, Mark Wigfield, a spokesperson for the FCC, said the companies who are receiving the funding are required to build out on a schedule. Specifically, 40% of their location has to be served within the first three years. An additional 20% is required every year after, which means the locations listed must be served 100% after six years.

In Stephens County, 88 homes are expected to receive broadband access. Throckmorton has 112, while Shackelford has three and Palo Pinto has 18. Services in all Texas counties will be provided by Nextlink Internet, an internet service provider owned by AMG Technology Investment Group. Shackelford and Palo Pinto will receive 25 megabits per second (download) and three mbps (upload), written as 25/3 mbps. Stephens and Throckmorton will have 100/20 mbps.

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