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Making a difference

I am Claire Ellis, from Woodson. A few weeks ago, I toured the Austin Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Manor. It was amazing.

They are feeding, treating injuries, and rehabilitating over 10,000 animals there. I took more than 50 gallons of goat milk down to them and that fed their 'bottle deer' for only three days. They have more than 70 fawns they will raise and return to the wild.

We saw raccoons and opossums at all stages of life. There wereKites,andhawks, and owls being rehabilitated. There was a porcupine that met me at the door. And, there was a resident skunk.

The people were so nice. All were volunteers except the woman who runs the refuge. She does a fantastic job. She was so nice and worked so hard to keep the place clean and functioning. She trains people weekly to come to work at the refuge. The difference those volunteers are making is amazing. So I would like to help from afar.

I am asking for your help as well. If you have old towels of any size or condition, the shelter is in need. And if you can send a gallon or two of bleach, that is great.

When I asked what I could collect to help, that was the immediate response, old towels and bleach.

If you have a passion for animals, gather up your old towels and let me know. Please call or text my mom, Tacy, at 254-522-5052 and leave a message and I can schedule a pick up. Or, just bring the towels in a bag and put them on the table in our driveway.

I will be collecting through the month of October. Then I will take the towels and bleach to them.

4-H Members, this would be a great way to get in some community service. Students, see if you can start a collection at school.

Thank you for any and all participation in this project.

Claire Ellis, of Woodson, is currently collecting old towels to assist a wildlife rehabilitation center.

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