• Woodson News: A busy week ahead

Woodson News: A busy week ahead

Woodson News:

This week is a fourday week, followed by a four-day weekend, followed by another four-day week! Wow!

Monday, OAP practice was canceled due to 4-H, PTO, Booster Club and school board meeting. Divide and conquer!

Volleyball against Olney was Tuesday, and Cross Country teams ran in Haskell on Wednesday!

West Texas Fair exhibitors, Claire Ellis, Keaton Kuykendall and Adelynn Kuykendall will head out on Wednesday evening and exhibit their heifers through Saturday.

Goats are also headed to Abilene, as well.

Mailea Wimberly will show her heifer next weekend at the WT Fair and her steer the next. Good luck to all the exhibitors!

The JH Cowgirls will play volleyball at 5:30 p.m. Thursday in Munday.

Congratulations on the HS Cowboy football win! The Cowboys took Panther Creek, 33-12, on Friday last week. Good luck this week against Newcastle, with kick-off set for 7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2 in Newcastle.

On the second Thursday of each month, Sept. 8 is NEXT, there will be an opportunity for kids! CHILDREN’S SONGS & STORIES for children, ages 2-7, or for any who love to read and sing! The URBAN PIONEERS, Liz Sloan McGovern and Jared McGovern, invite you to attend at the Woodson Town Hall from 5 to 6 p.m. This will be a FREE monthly event. Donations for the new community center would be welcome! The next session is Sept. 8!

The Fourth of July/ Community Center Committee met Sunday. More later.

At school, progress reports came out this week.

The food backpack bags will go out Thursday.

School sports photos will be Tuesday, Sept. 6.

If you have gently used or new shoes, clean the closet, earn money for WISD kids, and send shoes to folks who need them! Take your clean shoes to Angela Miles! Drop them off at the hardware store in Woodson, or at the FSB in Throckmorton. This is our BOOSTER CLUB FUNDRAISER. When 2,500 pairs of shoes have amassed, Woodson will earn $1,000. What great opportunities! We are close to 400 pairs on our “Shoe Meter.”

Denny Berend, Nicole Ellis, Kristi Bellah, Lisa Jo Jones, Resa Deaton, Elaine Gober, Jenny Gilmore and Melissa Vickers were all elected to the District Improvement Team! Thanks for serving!

The FFA STATE OFFICERS presented an assembly last Thursday; it was great!

Join the 4-H now, or the Junior FFA or the Woodson FFA!

Start saving your old towels! Claire Ellis will be conducting a towel drive for the animal shelters and a wildlife refuge. More soon. Bleach for cleaning will also be needed.

Please pray for Danny Bellah, Jo Lester, Luis Pipkin, Larry Long, Brad Whitaker, Annette Harper, Millford Hoskins, Tammy Halliford, Doris Walters, Mitchell Harris, Joanne Self, Upton Dean, Sandra Redwine, Terry Redwine, Earlene Bellah, Linda Northam, Keith and Mae Boyd, Jean and Thomas Brockman, Arliss Willingham, Carolyn Tate, Butch Hinkle, the Herrings, Janice Devenport, LB and Barbara, Pam Allen, Jeannette Herrington, Thora and Paul Thurn, Butch Timms, Janice Devenport, Stephen Miles, Sharon Gober, Nanci McKenzie, Ressa and Ruby, Roger Weeks, and Skip Hayworth.

A final Happy August Anniversary to Mary and Eric O’Dell! BTW, Eric and Mary are grandparents! Congratulations to all on the birth of granddaughter Saige!

And, a first and final 2022 Happy August Birthday to Ami Smith! Also, until next year, Happy Birthday to Tanner Brockman! Chris Clark! Terri Clark! Alene Forest! John Gilmore! Kacey Pate! Tarynn Hearne! Kristi Bellah! Vicki Carruthers! Sabrina Siebert! Cheri Lee Barlow! Tacy Ellis! Derrick Robles! Josh Hewlett! Gayle Dyer! Bucky Kuykendall Dennis Peacock! Upton Dean!

The West Pasture RV Park is up and running! It has lake views and large lots! In town the other RV parks are also up and going, including a laundromat.

On Sept. 12, we find out if Canon Redwine and Claire Ellis placed at state with their respective 4-H record books.

The wedding shower for Allie and Patrick went well, complete with bagel bar. If you would still like to find a gift, check out Kountry Korner in Throckmorton, or selections at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. The couple will marry in October.

We have rain scheduled for this week, if nothing goes wrong! Let’s pray we get it and the tanks fill!

Gotta go! Have a great week! God Bless You!

PS: Monday is Labor Day and a HOLIDAY!

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