• Woodson News: Conglomeration

Woodson News: Conglomeration

The “showers of blessings” are great, but please pray for more rain.

This weekend is the Clearfork County Line Cookoff and the Keaton Wade Music Festival! It’s going to be great! Beginning with the Urban Pioneers at 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 5, the music will play and Jeff Martin, Randy Brown, Jordan Hendrix, Coalition (Larry Joe Taylor, Deryl Dodd and David Perez). On Saturday, the music begins at 4 p.m., with Jamie Tollison, Steve Helms and Ben McPherson, Tommy Alverson and Jamie Richards, and at 10 p.m. – Brandon Rhyder! Purchase tickets in advance for the best rates but general admission on Friday is $25 and there is a $10 cooler charge. It is the same for Saturday. However, a two-day ticket may be purchased with a 2-day cooler band for a total of $55. Contact JT Boland at 840-873-8117 for all cookoff questions!

BACK TO SCHOOL! Woodson teachers began Monday, Aug. 1. Students return Monday, Aug. 8.

Meet the Teacher and Chromebook Check-out will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 4. From 6:30 to 6:45 p.m., it’s the Hot Dog Supper (Football Field Concession Stand), and from 6:45 to 7:30 p.m., it’s Meet the Cowgirls & Cowboys (Football Field).

Children’s SONGS & STORIES coming to toddlers live at the Woodson Town Hall, every second Thursday! If you have a child age 2 to age 7, or if you just love to sing and read, come on down to the Town Hall from 5 to 6 p.m. beginning Thursday, Aug. 11! There will be songs and books. The Urban Pioneers, Liz Sloan McGovern and Jared McGovern, will be sponsoring this new activity for FREE! However, donations are welcome in any amount, and any donations go to the new Woodson Community Center. Thank you, Urban Pioneers!

SHOES! The Booster Club fundraiser begins with your gently used or new shoes! Any size or style or color. Take your shoes to Hometown Hardware & Feed or to the First State Bank in Throckmorton. Or, send them to me at school and I will make sure they are placed on the right feet… so to speak. The goal is 2500 pairs!

Please offer prayers for Brad Whitaker, Jo Lester, Annette Harper, Milford Hoskins, Tammy Haliford (Eastland), Doris Walters, Mitchell Harris, Alene Forest, Danny Bellah, Debby Mathiews, Joanne Self, Upton Dean, Sandra Redwine, Terry Redwine, Earlene Bellah, Linda Northam, Keith and Mae Boyd, Ted Wright, Tom Hudson, Terry Redwine, Jean and Thomas Brockman, Arliss, Carolyn Tate, Meshell Bellah Brown, Butch Hinkle, Janice Devenport, LB and Barbara, Pam Allen, Jeanine Herrington, Thora and Paul Thurn, Stephen Miles, Sharon Gober, Butch Timms, Nancy McKenzie, Ressa and Ruby, Roger Weeks, and Skip Hayworth.

June Willingham left us July 25. She welcomed us to the FCC when we moved to Woodson years ago. She was always so good to us and to my kids. She had stories to tell them and made them feel welcome and special. She may have teased them just a little. June was one of the first to hold Claire when we brought Claire home from the hospital. She just laughed and talked to her, causing one of Claire’s first smiles. Thank you, June. Arliss, we love you.

Please pray for June’s family. Services were graveside on Tuesday, August 2. Please continue prayers for the family of Terry Beale. His services will be announced at a later date. Continue to pray for the family of Dale Deaton, Sr.

The First Baptist Church had a great week of Vacation Bible School. So thankful to this church for providing this faithful education to our kids. They had over 40 kids per evening and used the “SPARK” curriculum, teaching the kids that they were “created, designed and empowered” by God.

The Woodson FFA Officers had a day long “officer retreat” to plan the year on July 21.

Mrs. Kuykendall survived the Ag Teachers’ Convention!

Allie Hibbitts will be honored with a wedding shower at 2 p.m. Monday, Aug. 29. It will be held at the Woodson Baptist Church. Everyone is welcome!

Can you believe it is August already? August birthdays include: Alene Forrest, John Gilmore, Kacey Pate, Tarynn Hearn, Kristi Bellah, Vicki Carruthers, Sabrina Siebert, Cheri Lee Barlow, Tacy Ellis, Derrick Robles, Josh Hewlett, Gayle Dyer, Bucky Kuykendall, Dennis Peacock, Upton Dean.

I talked to Marilyn Dickie and she sounded loving, good and happy!

Happy August Anniversary to Eric and Mary O’Dell, Students, get ready!

Students, get ready! See you Aug. 8!

And another shout out to Brody Mathiews, who has DOUBLE earned his spot and has qualified in heading AND heeling and will be roping in Vegas again! VEGAS BABY!

No wild animals ate any domestic animals at my house this week! And, Sarah’s here!

Let me know how you have spent your summer! Love every moment!

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