Leeray or ‘Straddle Town’/Peach Creek

Leeray or ‘Straddle Town’/Peach Creek

The small town of LeeRay actually straddled the county lines of Stephens and Eastland counties to the south. LeeRay was located just a mile or two west of the highway between Breckenridge and Cisco, known as U.S. Highway 183 south from Breckenridge. LeeRay was named after R.Q. Lee and Walter Ray who had purchased several plots of land in the picturesque setting when the Oil Boom hit in both counties. The two men hoped to get rich by developing their land into a “Camp Town” for the oil field workers who would surge into that area. The town did have an influx of more than 5,000 oil field workers where cattle had grazed peacefully in previous times.

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The 2021 Stephens County Junior Livestock Show and Sale is scheduled to begin Thursday evening, Jan. 7 through Jan. 9, at the Stephens County Ag Center.


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