Lady Buckaroos perform well against high-level teams

The Breckenridge High School Volleyball Team return from scrimmaging multiple teams over the weekend, hoping their momentum will bring regular season success Tuesday.

The Lady Buckaroos wrapped up the preseason with scrimmages against perennial powerhouses Nocona and Archer City, among others, then faced Albany and Munday Saturday, who Breckenridge coach Jeana Yarbrough said posed a challenge despite being much smaller schools.

“Friday, we were at Graham and we played some really good, competitive schools: Archer City, Millsaps and Nocona. I was extremely  pleased with our heart and our hustle. We kept balls in play and we competed way better than I was expecting. Saturday morning, I was a little disappointed in how we played Albany. We came out a little tire, a little worn out, a little out of shape. We let them nickel and dime us ... They just got everything up, sending it back to us and let us make the errors. I was  a little disappointed in that.

“Against Munday, we came out strong and played our game a lot better. When the ball was on our side of the court, we did something positive with it so I thought we ended on a high note.”

Yarbrough said she has been impressed by the work of sophomore middle hitter Madison Stanley and senior middle hitter Makenna Moser so far, but said she feels great about the team overall.

“Right now, there isn’t anyone that has not impressed me,” Yarbrough said. “I can say something good about just about every one of them. We’re still trying to figure out a few positions and who is going to go where, but overall I feel really, really good.”

Yarbrough is not the only person on the Lady Buckaroos feeling good, despite facing stiff competition from traditionally tough teams in Jacksboro and Bryson.

“We did really well Friday,” Senior defensive specialist Mackenzie Harris said. “I think it helps playing tougher teams. Our momentum really gets going. We’re really in sync. We’re really molding together well. It didn’t take very long. I don’t know why. We had some camps before and that probably helped.”

Jacksboro and Bryson, are two teams Breckenridge has become very familiar with through camps, summer league play and other activities. 

Senior right-side hitter Kelli Wilcox said she is excited for the season opener and hopes to kickoff her senior year with a victory.

“We just need to keep working as a team and playing our hardest,” Senior right-side hitter Kelli Wilcox “I’m excited. It’s our senior year and I think we’ll do good. I’m ready for districts to start.”

Following Tuesday’s matches, the Lady Buckaroos will play in the Bev. Ball Classic in Abilene Friday and Saturday.

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