Lady Bucks basketball commits to conditioning program

Coach Robertson and his staff instituted a conditioning program that included a commitment to conditioning, the team, school pride, personal integrity and respect for coaches and teammates.

The program challenged the Lady Bucks basketball team to make a commitment to conditioning during the summer and on into the off-season period, Oct. 15, prior to the basketball season beginning.

The tasks assigned must be signed off by a coach, parent or teammate that witnessed the task being accomplished. The commitment also asked input on social media be restricted to positive comments about the team, players and coaches. If any negative comments are made, that person will be dropped from the commitment program.

Coach Robertson also addressed cheating on the commitment program since there is no way to monitor every athlete, every shot, every mile or every signature. By cheating, the player cheats the team and themselves.

The "I Am Committed" program included how many were completed, date and witness:

1.) 10,000 Jumpshots

2.) 3,000 Free Throws

3.) 25 miles running

4.) Summer workouts or three Cross Country meets signed off by Coach Dieterich

As mentioned, the deadline is Oct. 15. The Breckenridge American will follow up on the program after its deadline.

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