BHS students present program to Woman's Forum, YMCA Project

Three very busy Breckenridge High School students took on a major project to take the lead on the restoration of the historic YMCA to restore it to its former glory of the 1920s-1980s. The three seniors at BHS are McKenly Roberts, Axel Puebla and Liberty Blades, with faculty advisor Kelly Grissom.

The project is being done under the Texas Midwest Community Network (TMCN) as a leadership project. The students were required to attend two City Commissioners meetings to see how that group functions before they presented their proposal. The trio looked at historic photos of the busy era of the 1920s through the 1980s, when organizations met there on a regular basis such as the Boy's Choir that sang for President Kennedy when they went to Washington D.C. Also, the Breckenridge Library was located there for several years, the Wednesday Study Club met there every week and piano lessons were given there as well. Additionally, there were photos of 200-man luncheon meetings held there annually such as the Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations with their banquets. Many Breckenridge citizens played basketball or volleyball there as a youth and learned to swim at the indoor pool.

For the full story please see the Oct. 30 edition of the Breckenridge American.

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