PUC chair resigns after audio emerges

The sole remaining member of the Public Utility Commission resigned Tuesday after he was caught on tape promising investors that the commission would work to dissuade the Legislature from reversing billions in electric rate overcharges assessed during the February winter storm. In the March 9th audio published Tuesday by Texas Monthly, Arthur D’Andrea told investors on a conference call that his agency would work to prevent the price correction. “I wish I could tell you there’s no way in heck that it’s going to be repriced, but I can’t,” he said. “If enough legislators want something done, they can pass a bill and get it done. But right now it’s just a contentious political issue and I’m advising on it and the best I can do, you know, is put the weight of the commission in favor of not repricing.” He also cited the 30-day deadline on settling ER- COT contracts, telling those on the call the matter would be settled by Friday, March 19th or Saturday, March 20th. Though he didn’t cite the call as the reason, Governor Greg Abbott asked for and received D’Andrea’s resignation Tuesday evening.

The Woodson News: Busy as Bees

The Woodson News: Busy as Bees

My peach trees have the most beautiful blossoms. Yesterday, the bees were humming through them all, from blossom to blossom. They made an occasional trip to the apricot trees with their white blossoms and to the pears, which need to be planted. Hoping for fruit this summer. Buzz, little bees, buzz.


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