Wasting money on new windows,  I don’t think so...

Wasting money on new windows, I don’t think so...

On Thursday of this week, I’m getting new windows. Just replacement windows, no combining smaller windows into larger ones, no covering up windows that should have never been there in the first place, and no fancy window seats, Dutch doors, and no windows which become translucent when the sun goes down. However, it is very hard to explain to some of my friends and family why I’m getting new windows.

When odds overwhelm...

When odds overwhelm...

As chapters of life unfold, unlikely coincidences occur that are so rare that surely providence is behind the steering wheel. No doubt whoever won that $1.3 billion lottery will spend much of his/ her remaining time on earth pondering the “what if’s” of choosing such a long string of numbers in perfect order to hold the WINNING TICKET among the megamillions that weren’t. Oh, I know a few lesser winners cashed in, too, but most lottery participants held worthless pieces of cardboard, not unlike those who pick poorly at horse races.


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